The Sabre 620

I picked up this little guy at an antique store in South Carolina. I had some 620 film from the film photography project ready to go so I took it out to a local park to test it. The camera is easy enough to use with just the winding knob and shutter button (no roar when you press it, just a click!), it is plastic (bakelite I believe?) but sturdy. The camera is supposed to have a focal distance of 5' - infinity. I'm not sure if this lens has been changed or damaged since it has a short focal range (I thought it was flipped but there wasn't the typical warping when you flip a lens) - as you can see from the pictures. Luckily I did take some pictures with close up objects, so some pictures "turned out" ok. From what I can find out the camera was made in 1956 through 1972 by Shaw-Harrison in New York.

Let me know what you think! Have you ever used one?