The Conley (Sears) Kewpie No. 2

Did you know Sears had its own camera line? This camera had my attention from the start with its unique aperture dial in the front. The other unique thing about this one is the slide out side for loading film – instead of opening the back and sliding out the cartridge. It had a short run from about 1917 to 1922 and has a leatherette over wood construction. Taking 8 pictures with 120 film it produces larger wide prints instead of the typical smaller ones from this size camera. I was very curious about the quality of pictures from this one with its age and it being a Sears camera. It was fun to use, dialing in the correct aperture and all. Luckily the small windows and mirrors were still in good condition so I could see what I was taking a picture of. For this age, brand, and type of camera I was very pleased with how well the pictures turned out! This is a great little camera to take out and just have fun with, I will be using this one again.

Let me know what you think! If you would like to purchase one of these prints, let me know!